bodysurfing hand planes

Constructed from locally grown Japanese Cedar our hand planes are simple to use when bodysurfing. The rounded hand hole fits all sizes and allows the rider to quickly swap hands depending if the wave is peeling left our right. Length = 1’5″ (44cm).

Available is half moon, fish or winger tails.


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Bodysurfing is about going back in time to the man’s first experience in the waves. Using only one’s body to catch waves, todays riders are assisted with swim fins and a hand plane. Bodysurfers kick and stroke hard with feet and arms to get on the wave and hold the hand plane in an outstretched position to give them lift and glide. Dust Surf hand planes are designed from beginner to expert level. The planes are made with locally grown Japanese Cedar and treated with Linseed oil making this product completely eco-friendly and recyclable. When sold new our hand planes are treated with linseed oil. Over time you will need to oil your hand plane to keep it water resistant and looking new. To do this:
  • Purchase boiled linseed oil and mineral turpentine from your local hardware store
  • Mix 2 parts boiled linseed oil with 1-part mineral turpentine
  • Use a cloth apply to hand plane

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Dimensions 44 × 18 × 3 cm

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