Hanalei Q2 fins (each)

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The range includes

Q2-L (large) (side fins, front quads)

QB2-M (medium) (side fins, rear quads)

Q2-CTR (center fin)

Available in FCS twin tab / Futures tab / Gearbox tab.

Comes in fin pouch with fin key and sticker.

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Q2 Series

The latest generation of the Q family of fin designs from Hanalei. One of the most extensive range of templates in our HRD-KORE collection. The templates in the range enable a wide variety of fin combinations.

All of the Q2 templates feature our custom hollow foil technology on the inner face, which makes for a faster and more responsive fin! Smooth, powerful, high performance fins.

Sold in sets of 3 (thruster), 4 (quad) or 5.

1 review for Hanalei Q2 fins (each)

  1. Stephen

    I received my new Hanalei Q2 Fins from Dust Surf last week and then followed 3 days of cooking surf at the local – that in itself must be a good omen. My board felt very responsive and held in top turns and was really fast through the sections. The surf ranged from big onshore to big, hollow offshore, from low tide to high tide at a reef beak – In al these conditions the board felt awesome with the new fins. Stoked and looking forward to trying them out as a quad. Surfed for the 3 days with a thruster setup. Go get yourself a set, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Mike.

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